Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L vs 24-105mm IS F4.0 L comparison Part 2 image quality]

Here it goes. I posted some comparison photos of both lenses at different focal length with different aperture.

24-70mm @ 24mm F2.8

24-70mm @ 24mm F4.0

24-105mm @ 24mm F4.0

24-70mm @ 24mm F8.0

24-105mm @ 24mm F8.0

24-70mm @ 24mm F10

24-105mm @ 24mm F10

24-70mm @ 24mm F18

24-70mm @ 50mm F2.8

24-70mm @ 50mm F4.0

24-105mm @ 50mm F4.0

24-70mm @ 50mm F8.0

24-105mm @ 50mm F8.0

24-70mm @ 50mm F10

24-105mm @ 50mm F10

24-70mm @ 70mm F2.8

24-70mm @ 70mm F4.0

24-105mm @ 70mm F4.0

24-70mm @ 70mm F8.0

24-105mm @ 70mm F8.0

24-70mm @ 70mm F10

24-105mm @ 70mm F10

24-70mm @ 70mm F18

24-105mm @ 70mm F18

24-105mm @ 105mm F4.0

24-105mm @ 105mm F10

24-105mm @ 105mm F18

As you can see from the photo from 24-70mm lens with f2.8, the bokeh of this lens is very nice.
At the higher aperture, the difference is very minute and hardly noticeable.
I did notice however 24-105mm lens gives sharper and more contrasty photos thus yielding image characteristics that are popular in today's digital image world.
I do like tho the image 24-70mm lens produces. It's hard to describe but it has more richness and depth.

But again the difference is very hard to tell. Well at least to my eyes it is.
So which lens will you choose? Do you like the bokeh that f2.8 produces and the faster SS for low-light conditions? Or do you love the IS and the "extra reach" that 24-105mm lens offer?
I think either one you choose, you will not be disappointed. These are certainly some fine piece of glass that Canon has to offer.

Hope this reviews helps.
Now Marco my fellow photographer, it's time to get your 24-105!!



  1. I'm getting confused again!! i'm getting doubts after watching your post's about the lenses :) Like you said, i also like the bokeh the 24-70mm gives at 2.8. But as i still have a few months to decide wich one to buy (i'm saving...) by that time i hope i'm completely determined for one of those! (I keep coming to your blog to watch the reviews of the lenses.. i'm getting addicted!!!) ;)
    best best regards

  2. @Marco


    I didn't mean to confuse you but I understand how you feel. I think I was confused and that's probably why I ended up getting both haha.

    Anyways let me know which one you picked!

  3. my friend "zero", sooner or later I really think I'll end getting both :) (there goes my money!)
    I'll let you know!