Monday, December 12, 2011

[Gift of Photo from the East]

From Japan chiba prefecture...
It is beautiful there. I miss it.


  1. great colors and great composition!

  2. @The Nature Jotter,

    Hey thanks for your kind comment!
    yeah I'd like to get on a long train trip one day:)

  3. Is this Kominato Railway?
    The railway of single track, with no-electric line in Chiba reminds me so...
    Thanks for a Beautiful photo!

    BTW, my wife was born in Chiba!

  4. @zingo san,

    to be honest, I really don't know.
    My brother lived in Chiba briefly and he took this photo and sent it to me the other day.

    I love chiba myself. I used to surf at Kamogawa beach all the time growing up.

    I miss it!