Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Heart of Japan]

This is a Japanese charcoal grill called "Shichirin"[七輪]
Japanese people have been using this for decades but lately we don't see many people using Shichirin anymore other than some BBQ restaurants...
Charcoals are full of minerals and retain high heat for very long time. Foods cooked by Shichirin are very tasty!



  1. I also brought "Shichirin" from Japan (^^;
    "Himono" is our soul food, right?

    I like the composition and core looks really hot like sun!

    By the way, is this "Shima-Hokke"?
    I would like to have one in NL...

  2. @zingo san

    Yes this is Hokke.
    I like Aji too but Hokke is more meaty.
    Thank you always for your comments!