Thursday, March 22, 2012

[been a while]

I have been extremely busy with life lately that I haven't had time to take photos.
I kind of lost touch with some people on here but I hope some remember me still.
I still have my camera equipment so I hope I can take some photos soon.

A photo from my archive...


  1. Pues espero que no nos hagas esperar tanto de unas imágenes a otras. Esta última es preciosa.
    Un saludo

  2. Welcome back, we've missed you :)

  3. Zero, finally!! I was wandering if something had happenned to you. Hope not. I've missed your photos and comments. Welcome back my friend!

    1. Hey you are very kind.
      Thank you.
      I've been really busy lately and been away from my camera for a bit :(
      I miss going to places and taking photos.
      hope I can do it more often now...