Monday, January 2, 2012

[100 fellow photographers SPECIAL THANKS]

Thank you...

Today my blog has reached 100 members/fellow photographers.
It is not the 100th person that's more important than anyone else but it is those who have visited my photo blog and left very positive and encouraging comments that really kept me going.

There are some that I particularly appreciate. I apologize if I missed anyone here but please do understand I did not mean anything by it.

I took my liberty to put a link to your marvelous blogs but if you'd rather not me post your link here, please email me and let me know I will remove it in a timely manner...

Special thanks to:

barbara l. hale
Your "common place" photography proves that there are many beauties around us to be photographed and it's not always about having the best equipment but it just takes some skills and creativity. Your photos are very inspiring and beautiful! Thank you for your comments on my blog too!

I love your surfers/ocean shots. Your photos are very dynamic and breath-taking.
Great inspiration from a great photographer! Always appreciate your comments!

You are a great photographer. I especially love your macro and sunset shots.
You give great inspirations to me.
Many of your compositions take my breath away and gives me goose bumps. Great photographer and my fellow Canon user :) Thanks for all your comments!

Marias Teater
Your world of photography is very original and artistic.
Your perspective and the atmosphere are very original and interesting.
Great source of inspirations and ideas!

Thank you always for your comments.
I really like your compositions of your photos. You have a way to make simplest things look very interesting!

Thank you for your kind comments!
Your comments are probably the most powerful and encouraging to me.
Your photos are an art! I always enjoy visiting your blog.
Great source of inspiration and encouragement!

You really helped me with my blog when I first started. You showed me how to put my link.
Without your help I wouldn't have had so many fellow photographers on my blog from all over the world.
You took your time to email me and walk me through it.
Thank you! and your photos are simply great!

zingo de mopsje

Your photos always inspire me. I really appreciate the Japanese perspective and sense of "beauty".
Your blog is one of the first ones that I check everyday! Thank you always for your positive comments and great photos!




  1. this was a great surprise my friend "zero". thank you for the comment above and all the best for you in 2012

  2. What an amazing surprise my fellow photographer and blogger from across the ocean. Thank you very much for your tribute to my blog. For the next year, I wish, for us both, a year of more good shots and inspiration!
    Happy New Year Zero :)

  3. It is my great honor to be listed with so many great photographers.

    I am very pleased that we inspire each other from different world and circumstances!
    Best wishes for your delightful 2012, and looking forward to seeing your great photo works!

  4. @Marco,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Hope you'll get your new lens this year and look forward to seeing more great photos from you!

  5. @Kaipiroska,

    Thanks for your comment!
    Yes I look forward to more epic photos from you!

  6. @zingo san,

    Thank you for your comment!
    I hope we can get great photos that inspire one another!